If you do not visit, it is hard to explain what is there waiting for you in Arunachal Pradesh, the land of Sunrise

Arunachal Pradesh





Tawang, Namdapha, Mayudia, Pasighat, Mechuka, Tuting, Anini, ziro, dong, kibithu etc; are the few of those most sought after places to travel, trek, ride. raft and more other kinds of travelling experiences.

The whole landscape of Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with unmatched Natural beauty and diversity.  The State is in the range of sub Himalayan Mountain Range. 

Everywhere the state is made up of the mysterious, majestic hills, numerous water falls, alpine lakes, rivers and dense woods. The state shares its boundary with Bhutan, Tibet and Myanmar


The state is large, whereas its population is very thin, 80% of the total land area of Arunachal Pradesh is Forest.  There are villages and habitants scattered at distances and many are so remote and inaccessible from the mainland. People still trek days after days, with several kilos loads on their back, to come down to the nearest(?) township to sale their farm products and take back their home essentials goods. There are still places far away, nearing the international boundaries where 1 kg of salt costs INR 200- 300/-. 

Vijoynagar is one such destination sharing its border with Myanmar. We tried to trek to Vijoynagar from Namdapha National Park in February 2019, but had to abandoned after 3 days due to continuous heavy rainfall and landslide. Hopefully we might try it again in Octber-November 2021. If you wish to join us in this expedition, do contact us.  

Athu-Popu Trek
Dibang Valley

Anywhere you land in Arunachal Pradesh you will always find a Trekking Destination to get your adrenaline rush. Wherever you stay, you would co-live with the wildlife. Any road is worth for the Riders’ communities. And the rivers and waterfalls, no words can explain what beauty and mystery they carry with themselves.  Anglers and Rafters find their heaven here. 

Can you believe, the hanging bridge in the picture still is common way of transportation in many remote places. 

If you are travelling or riding in summer then prepare yourself with uncertainty, anywhere on the way you can find landslide and roadblocks, so you must have the readiness to spend your days or nights in any unplanned location or  pitch the tent and spend the night.


In Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary

And mind it there is not only one single entry to the state from outside, the state is so big and rough that you have to follow different entry points to access different locations. 

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The tribes here are diversified. There are 26 major tribes and more than 100 sub tribes and their Dialects are also different. Hindi is the most commonly used language to communicate among the tribes. 

And so as their cultures and traditions. You can witness many cultural traditional festivals in Arunachal Pradesh from time to time round the year. Different and several kinds of mouth watering cuisines along with kinds of rice beer…. 

In fact, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most diversified states right from its people, their attires, lifestyles, food habits, language etc… to its natural landscape.  

People are friendly, welcoming and carry high spirit of adventurous mind. Genuineness in their behaviors reflects all time.


Here are only few Places, where you can plan to travel. 

Places, Routes and Circuits

What you Can do 

Riding, Historical Visit, Trekking

2. RoingMyodiaAnini

Riding, Trekking (moderate to difficult), Wildlife, Rafting

Wildlife, Trekking (easy, moderate to difficult)

Riding, Rafting, Trekking

Riding, Rafting, Trekking, Historical Visit

Every place of Arunachal Pradesh is worth of visiting. We can plan and customize your tour within your budget.

Call us to design an itinerary for you at – +91 8822390306.


You can mail your plan to us – okegigaholiday@gmail.com