Meghalaya is a Heaven on Earth

Every road takes  you to a beautiful destination in Meghalaya. It is a Paradise. Deep blue, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, the green hills and their gorges makes every turn of the road exciting.

Shillong the capital, the Asia’s cleanest village Mawlynnong, the Double decker living root bridge, Umngot River in Dawki boodering Bangladesh, Nohkalikai falls in Cherrapunji, Camping in Shnongpdeng, Umiam Lake, caving and camping in Jowai etc. are the most sought after places in Meghalaya.    

Meghalaya is the state with three ranges of hills; Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills and Garo Hills. And so as its major tribes are- Khasi, Jaintia and Garo tribes. All these three tribes follow the matrilineal society. 

Round the year you need to have warm cloths particularly in the evening (if it is summer) here in Meghalaya.  During summer Meghalaya experiences the highest tourists traffic from the neighboring states because of its soothing climate and temperature.

Shillong is the capital town. And the experience of shopping and eating out in the evening is exceptional here. Before entering Shillong you will catch the spectacular view of Umiam (also called Borapani) Lake.  


Travelling for leisure, experiencing the adventure for adrenaline rush in caving or jumping from a cliff, pushing oneself to hardline trekking, or just enjoying the cold breeze inside a tent; Meghalaya is the right place where you ought to be.  

Because it has everything in abundance, the hills everywhere, there gorgeous waterfalls, the numerous caves, deep blue rivers, the lakes, the world’s famous root bridges and what not! 


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Umngot River
Umngot River Dawki

Here are only few Places, where you can plan to travel.

Places, Routes and Circuits

What you Can do 

1.Borapani – Shillong– Laitlum canyon

Boating, Camping in Umiam/Borapani Lake, trekking, Shopping and leisure in Shillong

2. David scot trail- Cherrapunji– Nongriat

Trekking in double decker root bridge,  rainbow waterfalls, caving, camping, 

Homestay in Asia’s cleanest village, camping, boating, adventure activities. 

4. Shillong – Nongstoin– Nongkhnum River Island 

Camping, hiking

5. Borapani- Jowai

Caving, camping, hiking 

Every place of Meghalaya is worth of visiting. We can plan and customize your tour within your budget.

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You can mail your plan to us –